Elevate your style this season with a luxurious cashmere scarf! A favourite accessory for men and women, but if you’re unsure on the different ways to style your scarf, look no further! We have simple tips to help you make it look perfect every time.

Of course, the principal feature of a scarf is to keep you warm on those cold Winter days. A cashmere scarf can be styled over most outfits such as with jeans and a crew neck, or over a women’s jacket.

To keep cozy and look elegant, style your scarf by wrapping it across your shoulder to provide extra coverage to the top of your back.

Then, drape one end (right or left, you choose your preference) over your shoulder and allow the remaining side to fall gracefully in front.


Cashmere Scarf

The next way of wearing a scarf is quite simple, but when you’ve got it right you’ll step out looking flawless.

Place the scarf on and wrap around your neck so one half drapes over your shoulder onto your back.

An effortless but luxurious way to wear your favourite cashmere scarf. This works perfectly when paired with a jumper and jeans for the gents or jumper dress and boots for the ladies.


Heading out into the countryside? Pop on your favourite Alan Paine tweed and simply half your scarf, wrap around your neck and pass the longer parts through the hole, move central and either leave your coat open or zip for extra warmth.

A classic way to style, but it’ll be sure to keep you warm throughout your country wanders.

Cashmere Scarf


Cashmere Wrap

Your cashmere scarves are not just for the great outdoors, there’s no need to limit your style in the office or at home!

For this, our favourite piece is our luxury cashmere wrap, drape across your back and shoulders, tucking both ends inside your arms and carefully tie a knit in the back.

Make sure it’s not too tight, just enough to keep it in place.

A practical way to look stylish and keep warm at home or in the office this winter.

Of course, these styles are not exhaustive, there are many, many ways in which you can style your scarf. We’d love to hear how your wear yours!

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