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Ensure you are well equipped this season with our selection of durable men's shooting breeks & hunting breeks to complete your country outfit. 

We have a range of shooting breeks for men that are made with the highest quality materials that will keep you warm and dry whilst in the field. Look the part with these stylish and functional men's shooting breeks.

For more hunting attire & country inspiration, discover our entire men's shooting clothing collection to find everything you need for your next shoot day.

Men's Shooting Breeks

At Alan Paine, we know that no sporting wardrobe is complete without a pair of traditional men’s shooting breeks that look stylish and perform when you need them most. Good quality shooting breeks are hard to find where we have crafted an excellent range of functional shooting breeks that can be matched with our range of outerwear.

Regardless of the outdoor adventure, our collection of men's shooting breeks are functional and durable, making them an essential garment for the shooting enthusiast. 

How To Wear Shooting Breeks

Shooting breeks do form part of a formal shooting attire and it is important to wear the correct clothing whilst also knowing the correct way to wear them.

 Traditionalists favour wearing shooting socks over the breeks, even if the breeks have a buckle or Velcro strap, pulling the sock over the bottom of the breek up to the knee with the sock folded back down on itself. It’s advisable to wear a garter which should be tied neatly to create a snug join before turning over the cuff of the sock (you should see several inches of garter tassel outside the sock).

Breeks are cut more generously around the knee for added flexibility but make sure your breeks are loose enough to stop them pulling away from your socks and riding up when bending your knee.

Types Of Men's Shooting Breeks

We offer several different types of men's shooting breeks depending on your preferences, including:

 - Tweed Breeks: These are designed with 100% wool tweed and feature in our best-selling Combrook collection with a water repellent outer. 

 - Hard-Wearing Shooting Breeks: Our Rutland breeks are part of our beating clothing collection and designed for durability with a robust tweed. 

 - Lightweight Hunting Breeks: Should you need a pair of lightweight breeks for those milder days in the country, our Axford breeks are comfortable and practical with moisture wicking airtex mesh.

 - Waterproof Shooting Breeks: The Fernley or Milwood Shooting breeks are guaranteed to withstand downpours whilst also breathable to allow moisture to evaporate.

 What To Wear With Your Shooting Breeks

Our men's shooting breeks are a staple for game shooting and proper shooting etiquette. To look the part we recommend a matching outfit which would see your breeks match with your outer piece such as with a men's shooting coat or a tweed gilet on milder days. The full 3 piece suit isn't essential, however is considered traditional styling along with a matching cap.

To complete the outfit, a men's shooting shirt is a must-have which can be worn with breeks more casually whilst in the field. For formal shoots, the addition of a shooting tie is considered essential and part of the proper uniform along with shooting socks, which should be worn over the cuffs of your breeks. . 

 Find The Perfect Fitting Men's Shooting Breeks

All of our shooting breeks have a 21" inside leg as standard whilst each style has a adjusted hem, whether that be Velcro adjusted or buckle adjusted. Our breeks range from a UK size 30 up to a UK 46 to ensure we have the right size for every sporting enthusiast. 

For specific measurements, please refer to the individual product's size guide or get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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Turn up to your shoots with the best shooting gear that also looks great with any of our shooting breeks. Here at Alan Paine, we know how important it is to feel confident in what you wear by having stylish garments that are functional and last for years to come.

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