Elevate Your Shooting Experience with Alan Paine Clothing at Prairie Wildlife Shooting Ranges

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Elevate Your Shooting Experience with Alan Paine Clothing at Prairie Wildlife Shooting Ranges

At Prairie Wildlife Shooting Ranges, we believe that great shooting experiences are enhanced when you have the right attire. Our luxury Orvis Gun Club, Five Stand, and Clay Tower are all set to provide you with the ultimate shooting adventure, and now, we're excited to introduce you to Alan Paine, your trusted source for top-quality shooting clothing.

The Orvis Gun Club: A Haven for Shooting Enthusiasts

Nestled within the heart of Prairie Wildlife, the Orvis Gun Club is a luxury destination for shooting enthusiasts. Designed to cater to sportsmen who appreciate the finer things in life, this club provides a unique shooting experience that combines luxury with the excitement of the outdoors.

Five Stand: Realistic Presentations Over Water

Our Five Stand is a true testament to the art of shooting. Set over a picturesque water venue, it's designed to replicate the true flight paths of birds. This unique setup challenges sportsmen to recognize distances, improve their shooting skills, and understand their capabilities.

But we know that a great shot starts with the right clothing. Explore Alan Paine's range of shooting clothing designed to keep you comfortable, protected, and ready for action.

Clay Tower: The Ultimate Driven Pheasant Simulation

For those seeking an extraordinary shooting adventure, our Clay Tower is a must-try experience. This 20-person event simulates a driven pheasant shoot like no other. Shooters will have the opportunity to fire from 10 different stands, providing a diverse range of shooting scenarios.

To add to the excitement, we provide 2,500 clays, with each shooter receiving 100 shells. For those without their own firearms, gun rental and additional shells are available for purchase on-site.

But don't forget to gear up with Alan Paine's shooting clothing. Our clothing is designed with shooters in mind, offering performance, protection, and style.