Clay Shooting at Twin Peaks: A Thrilling Adventure Awaits


Clay Shooting at Twin Peaks: A Thrilling Adventure Awaits

Nestled amidst a picturesque shaded aspen grove, Twin Peaks offers an exhilarating clay shooting experience like no other. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice looking to try your hand at the sport, this brand new sporting clays course promises excitement, challenge, and a whole lot of fun.

A Sporting Clays Paradise

Twin Peaks boasts a 12-station course designed to cater to shooters of all levels. The course offers a diverse range of game-style targets, ensuring you'll never have a dull moment during your visit. Whether you're up for the challenge of fast-flying clays or prefer the satisfaction of hitting more static targets, this course has it all. The options are vast, allowing you to test your skills and hone your marksmanship abilities.

Recharge Amidst Nature

After an exhilarating round of clays, take some well-deserved time to unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings. Twin Peaks provides the perfect setting for relaxation, complete with hammocks where you can lounge and relish a packed lunch. Whether you're visiting as an individual or part of a group of friends, you have the flexibility to book the course for a half day or a full day of adventure. The course rental includes all the targets you'll need, access to facilities, and the option to request a trapper or guide to enhance your experience.

Exclusive Membership Perks

For those who crave more than just a day of sporting clays, Twin Peaks offers an exclusive "Clay Member" program. By joining the prestigious Blixt & Company Shooting Syndicate, you gain privileged access to the sporting clays course throughout the summer season. Additionally, you'll enjoy full access to all scheduled Simulated Days and other exciting social events during this vibrant season.

Simulated Shooting at Its Best

Blixt & Company takes clay shooting to the next level with their summer Simulated Days. These events are meticulously designed to replicate the excitement and rapid-fire pace of a Traditional Driven Shoot. Unlike traditional five-stand or clay courses, Simulated Shoots mirror the unpredictable flight patterns of live birds, delivering a dynamic shooting experience that challenges even the most seasoned shooters.

Clays soar high overhead, dart in fast-paced crosses, and fly in pairs or triples, keeping you on your toes and your shotgun ready. This is a shooting experience that truly embodies the thrill of the sport.

A Day of Elegance and Adventure

A day at Blixt & Company's Simulated Shoots isn't just about shooting; it's about experiencing the essence of hospitality. The day starts with "Elevensies," a traditional English break, followed by a gourmet Field Lunch served in an elegant safari tent, complete with all the culinary delights you can imagine. Cool refreshments await you at the day's end, and transportation is provided in style on the Gun Bus, a nod to the customary shoot day vehicle.

The schedule follows the Driven Shoot model, with multiple drives taking place in three unique locales. Guests gather at a central meeting point at nine o'clock, and after a delightful nibble break around eleven o'clock, the shooting and adventure continue. There's a relaxing interlude in the shade of the aspen grove, followed by more thrilling shooting. The day concludes with cold beverages and tales of adventure around four o'clock, and guests depart at their leisure, already planning their next visit.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

To make your clay shooting experience at Twin Peaks even more memorable, consider enhancing your attire with Alan Paine shooting clothing. Our clothing is designed to provide the perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring you look the part while performing at your best on the course.

In conclusion, Twin Peaks offers an unmatched clay shooting experience amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. Whether you're a first-time shooter or a seasoned pro, the combination of the sporting clays course, Simulated Days, and exclusive membership perks make this destination a must-visit for any shooting enthusiast. Come for the shooting, stay for the adventure, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Twin Peaks is where clay shooting dreams become a reality.