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Alan Paine Country Collection

Surrey Tweed Lined Blazer In Navy Check - Regular Fit

Surrey Tweed Lined Blazer In Navy Check - Regular Fit

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Editor's Notes

This sharp, two-button medium weight pure wool blazer features a striking lining and matching integrated pocket square plus a double back vent for ease of movement. Pop over your favourite shirt or mix it up with our merino long sleeve polo shirt or quarter zip for an on-trend look.


  • Exclusively designed pure Wool tweed
  • Fully lined
  • Welt chest pocket
  • Lower flap pockets
  • 2-button front fastening
  • Double back vents
  • Integrated pocket square

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Customer Reviews

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Rupert Smith
Close, but no cigar this time

I bought the blazer and matching waistcote in the sale with an additional 20% off. At these prices (£281 total), I would say they were fair value but not at the regular prices. Unlike many Blazers these days, it is actually lined. Thats good. However the front 'pockets' are fake. They are just flaps. You do have internal pockets. Even the button hole on the lapel is fake, but at least you can get a pin through it. The advertised 'with pocket square' is also misleading. You get the effect as shown in the advert by pulling out the lining. Not actually as neat.

The cut is OK. It fits me OK so I am not disappointed with that, although it needs the waistcoat. I am a 42 chest and so ordered the 42 but a think a 40 would have been better. The material has that tweed look but lacks a certain something that suggests real quality. £350 would have been excessive for the blazer alone.

The waistcote has the typical satin back with adjustable band. Again its pockets are fake, just stiched seams. Disappointing if you wanted to put something in them like a pocket watch. The inner edges of the fabric are also a bit odd. its like a sandwich of two pieces of material with the seal visible. I would have expected the edge to roll over. Makes it feel cheap. Anyone who paid £150 for one of these must be very unhappy.

Overall my £281 total I consider £200 for the blazer and £80 for the waistcoat. For the use I will put it too it is OK and worth the money (I think), but that view may change if I seesomething for a similar price (without discounts) that is obvioulsy better tailored. While happy enough I would not buy another.

I have had shirts and a Gillet from Alan Paine and both those I felt were reasonable value. This is disappointing. Next time I will go to an outlet rather than buy blind online. It was 50/50 on me returning this but I came down on the side of keeping it.

Blazer fit.

I love your products and fit but did actually find the sleeve slightly longer than previous jackets and one shoulder slightly different to the other. I neeed the blazer for an event though so never exchanged it.

Daniel Hafner

Surrey Tweed Lined Blazer In Navy Check - Regular Fit

Hugh and Marilyn Stevens
First Rate Fit and Fashion

I wore the blazer to a social event for the first time last evening (the weather here was too warm previously) and was the recipient of several nice compliments. It’s clearly going to become a favorite.

Lovely jacket

I am 5’8 and take size 14 .Initially I sent for a larger size as I didn’t want it to look too short in the arms .When it arrived I couldn’t make my mind up and so I ordered the size 14 to compare. .The 14 was ideal ,the jacket is lovely , good quality and fits great . I returned the other jacket and my money was refunded in a few days .Extremely pleased with my purchase and excellent customer service