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Heybridge Men's Brown Cotton Check Shirt - Regular Fit



We use the finest Portuguese and Italian fabrics in the creation of our shirt collection.

Lovingly crafted in Portugal, this pure Cotton shirt has been pre-laundered for maximum comfort.  Available in an updated fit, this on-trend casual checked shirt features a button-down collar.


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Customer Reviews

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Perry Y
U.S. consumer who enjoys Alan Paine sweaters decided to buy a shirt to match

Hello, I am 6'0", 33 1/2" sleeve length, 225 lbs. Athletic build with broad shoulders. This fit perfectly. Nice slightly tapered silhouette, excellent fabric (soft to touch) and buttons. I really like this item and will consider more in the future. I was very cautious to pick the size, because the cost to return the item via overseas shipping with UPS from a private individual is exorbitant. Keep this in mind. You really need to know your size. Just FYI, the UK sweater sizes give a number (e.g. 46, 48, 50, etc) This is in inches if you were not aware. I have purchased Alan Paine sweaters in the U.S. and the inner label for comparison lists the number as inches, not just some vague unitless number. It would be helpful here to list the unit next to the number. Overall, highly pleased with the quality and fit of Alan Paine items.

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